GUI on Poky Minimal Image with IMX6ULL


I would like to build a custom image based off the Poky Minimal Reference Image.

On this image I would like my own custom UI to launch. UI will be either Python3 Tkinter based or TotalCross.

Are there any specific packages that I need when making the custom image for TK or TotalCross to be able to draw the UI?

Could you please take look to this article?

That article specifically talks about TotalCross.

What if I wanted to use python-tk instead?

We have never used it. You can try to search for appropriate layer or recipe here and include it in your image.

Hi @nmohan86,

Were you able to solve your issue?

Have you also contacted TotalCross for some guidance about Python-TK?

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André Curvello

I was able to get a Python-TK GUI going on the device.

I am using BSP 5.1. I am still not sure what exactly I need in my image if I just want to launch my custom UI and not have the wayland desktop show up.

I believe there’s a systemd service running that auto-starts up the Wayland graphical stack on boot. I’d suggest disabling/modifying this service so the desktop doesn’t start on boot. Then creating a similar systemd service that then launches/starts your UI on boot.

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