Gstreamer rtmp plugin

Hi all,

I need to use the gstreamer plugin rtmp which provides in particular “rtmpsink” but I am unable to find it in any plugin package, of both gstreamer1.0 ad 0.10. it should be in “bad plugins” any advice for installing it on our Apalis T30 BSP2.6?


The gstreamer bad plugin recipe in OpenEmbedded does not enable rtmp build by default. The recipe does however have a package configuration option available. See here. To enable it, add the following to ~oe-core/build/conf/local.conf

PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-gst-plugins-bad = " rtmp"

Then build gst-plugins-bad as follows

MACHINE=apalis-t30 bitbake gst-plugins-bad

This should give rtmp ipk packages

[mas@linuxdev build]$ find ../deploy/ipk/ -name "*rtmp*"

I tested the above build on our latest OE morty branch but the same should work with OE jethro. To add it to the image itself, add gst-plugins-bad-rtmp to the image recipe you are using.

It worked, thank you!