Gstreamer package imx6

Dear community,

We need a system with multimedia support for recording video and play/seek video (h264). Our system is based on 3.14.28 linux and jethro flavour of Yocto FSL.
Could you please explain the difference / utility of these different package for imx6 board ?

firmware-imx \

Do I need more ? Which ipu or g2d sink I must use for this purpose ?

Best Regards, Vincent

Hi @VincentB

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the hardware version of your module?
What is your application?

We are not supporting any kernel lower than version 4.9 for iMX6.

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Hi @jaski.tx,

The hardware is based on an Apalis imx6 module. I know that this kernel version is old but so our device. The application provides to user the possibility to play videos recorded on the system.

Best regards, Vincent

Hi @VincentB

You might have a look here.

Further, you might check with gst-inspect*, which source and sink might be the best for you.

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