"gst-launch" error in ACM


Using ACM with channel 0 and ADV7081 decoder.

I am getting the error as below while executing the “gst-launch v4l2src ! deinterlace tff=1 method=4 ! nv_omx_videomixer ! nv_gl_eglimagesink” command.

sh-4.3# gst-launch v4l2src !
deinterlace tff=1 method=4 !
nv_omx_videomixer ! nv_gl_eglimagesink

Setting pipeline to PAUSED …

ERROR: Pipeline doesn’t want to pause.

ERROR: from element
Could not negotiate format

Additional debug info:


gst_base_src_start ():

Check your filtered caps, if any

Setting pipeline to NULL …

Freeing pipeline …


I didn’t make any type of changes. Previously, I was able to view video from the camera using ACM with the same command and setup. Suddenly it is giving me this type of error.

What is the possible reason of this error? and Where I have to make changes to overcome this issue?


Strange, this works just fine for us. Find resp. log file here.

Looking at your log output it does not seem like you are running any of our regular demo images as we are still using gstreamer 0.10.31-r8 while yours seems to run 0.10.36-r2.

Have you by any chance tried this with our regular demo image from our Embedded Linux BSP V2.6 beta 2 at all? Please note that you would still need to re-compile your kernel with the camera functionality enabled as explained here.


Thanks for info.
Yes, I re-compiled the Kernel as per described on the mentioned link for enabling the camera functionality.
I don’t know about the gstreamer version.
Yes, I am already using the same zImage(re-compiled for ADV7180) and RFS.

The only difference is that I have not configured the ADV7180 decode as a module, I marked it as (*). I don’t think it is creating an issue.

Anyway, I will try one more time and will update you.