Graphical modes switching during startup

Hello, I have a Apalis controller with Ixora board and have connected it to a HDMI display. I would like to display a splashscreen during the startup but it seems to be impossible. I use init.d script with fbi utility to display a picture but it’s shown only for 2 seconds in the middle of startup. I have analyzed bootup sequence and found that the graphical mode was switched many times during the startup. I have a HDMI display with resolution 1024x600. The bootup sequence is attached. You can see there following switches:
0.21 s - 720x576
0.37, 1.37 s - 640x480
1.42 s - 640x480
1.87 s - 640x480
2.22 s - 1024x600 (the right one!)
9 - 14s - 6 (!) times the same resolution 1024x600, what should it mean?

And the picture was shown just for ca. 2 seconds after 2 seconds, so there is something wrong between 4th second and 9th second, no switching was here but also no picture on the screen.

How should I fix it and let the picture in the screen for the full duration of the startup routine? Why does system switch the resolutions many times during the startup?
The problem is really text
Please advice!
With best regards, Alex

No suggests yet?

Have you looked at the following article on our developer website about Display Output, Resolution and Timings?

Yes, off course, I’ve set up my display with a help of this article. But it doesn’t explain why the mode is switched so many times with the same settings.

Unfortunately part of this is kind of given by the HDMI spec. You may find some explanation right in the source code e.g. here.

Hello, thanks for your reply.
I’ve just connected another display with LVDS bus and got the same behavior. So I’ve disabled LXDE and finally it was initialized with only one command. But if I start the X-server it sends 5 another commands as you can see in the bootup file above. So it should be a problem of the X-server. I couldn’t find anything in the Internet, may be you have any ideas?