GPU not working as expected after upgrade

When using the LXDE image version 2.7 (stable) the GPU works fine.

The performance when using chromium is good, it doesn’t crash and selecting items on the desktop works as expected.

However when using the newer image version 2.8b5 (also tested with an earlier 2.8 one, unfortunately I can’t remember which):

  • icons on the desktop disappear when selected,
  • the transparency on the desktop only works initially in a very small rectangle, after which it disappears,
  • Chromium runs much slower and unstable.

As the issue also occurs on the desktop it should be easily reproducible.

I just noticed there are lot of errors regarding graphics logged by Xorg.
So I append them here.
link text

hi @PatZ

I tested the Bsp 2.8b5 using a VGA screen and it did not show any of the behaviour you described.

That’s why I would like to ask some questions:

Have you done any changes to the Software? If yes, could you share the changes.
Which Display on which interface are you using?
Which version of chromium are you using?

Best regards,

hi @jaski.tx

Thank you for your response,

I reinstalled the current prebuilt 2.8b5 image to make sure none of my modifications influenced the results.

So the image has no changes and the problem still occurs.

The display is the EDT 7" as recommended.

The modified image however runs chromium-x11_69.0.3497.100 (which beside changing resolution and adding GPIOs to the device tree are the only changes made)

I also found that to consistently demonstrate the issue with the disappearing icons, you need to first open the LXDE menu and try to pull an icon to the desktop.


We can reproduce the issue with disappearing icons. Unfortunately this issue is related to the LXDE Desktop. Maybe you should ask a question here

Actually what is your use-case? What are you trying to do?

You could also try to run Chromium without LXDE as described here.

Thanks for letting us know. May we consider the case closed with that now?

I want to visualize live data from within a HTML5 application.

As a starting point, I visit following site: Asteroids Demo

I thought the issue might be BSP-related, as the site runs fine on 2.7, however on 2.8 it remains blank.

Also when trying to enter something into the address bar, rendering issues occur with 2.8.

As the default versions of chromium differ across the BSPs (68 on 2.7, 69 on 2.8),

it can’t be ruled out to be a
chromium related issue.

However as Chromium reports “GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY” for glTexImage2D, already when just starting Chromium with 2.8 (along with many other graphics related errors),

while running and visiting the same site on 2.7 works just fine (The only issue being logged is “GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFOR_OPERATION” when executing glDrawElements),

EDIT: I noticed the version running on 68 had the accelerated 2d canvas disabled.
I disabled it on 2.8 and now it runs about the same as on 2.7

Yes, thank you.
I would also like to note (for others, which might run into similar problems)
that increasing the available GPU memory by setting

defargs=galcore.contiguousSize=50331648 user_debug=30

To a bit more, gets rid of the “out of memory” issues and also other rendering errors.

Thanks for your Input.