GPS device on embeded Linux


I’m trying to use a GPS PCLi module to take gps data. I have seen this documentation which seems useful for windows embedded users.

Is there any similar tool for linux users to easily take GPS data?

What are the basic steps I should follow to go from having a basic setup with a default linux Toradex Image and a GNSS module to having a basic program/script/service that takes GPS data and stores it on a PCLi SSD?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @AlexPG

Unfortunately we don’t have any similar Documentation for Linux.

You can use gpsd in Linux to collect data from Gps devices, which can be saved then to medium of your choice. Either you can install gpsd on a module with linux image, using the following command: opkg update and opkg install gpsd or you can build a custom image and add gpsd to it.

Alternatively you can also rewrite the code from the Documentation you mentioned for Linux.

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Thanks, that was very useful. I’ll follow your advice and report back if I have good results

You are welcome. We will be happy to get feedback.

I was finally able to configure the hardware to automatically stream the NMEA gps data through /dev/ttyUSB1 and I use gpsd to manage that information. I’ve even added the recipes to my custom image and now the gpsd is installed by default.

Thanks again :wink:

Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.