Gpmi-nand errors BSP 6


we are having trouble with gpmi-nand driver after upgrading from BSP 5 to BSP 6 with our Colibri i.MX7D.
When performing a cold boot everything works fine, but after a reboot the driver emit lots of errors like the following:

[   14.554833] gpmi-nand 33002000.nand-controller: DMA timeout, last DMA
[   14.561327] gpmi-nand 33002000.nand-controller: Show GPMI registers :slight_smile:

I have attached a full boot log of a failed attempt: colibri_imx7d_gpmi-nand_failed_boot.txt (67.5 KB)

Thank you in advance,

Some new kernels added support for Macronix NAND write protection. The whole idea of it is quite unclrear. On some SOMs it works well on iMX7, on others it times out like in your case. It always failed on iMX6ULL colibti. Disabling that write protection fixes issue.

discussion about patch for Macronix NAND WP disable

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Hi @Edward ,

thank you very much for your help. Disabling block protection works.

0100-disable-nand-protection.patch (484 Bytes)

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