GPIO Pin State at shutdown

We have a GPIO Pin used as an output. There is a 10k pull up which keeps the output in the correct state while the system boots up until our code takes control of the pin. This works fine.

The problem is on shutdown. We are seeing 0.7V on the pin. If the pin reverts to a input on shutdown we would expect to see the 10k pull up working as it does during boot. The voltage is too high for it to be an output driving low.
Our best guess is the the IO subsystem is being powered down and then the GPIO pin is drawing 250uA of parasitic power from our pull up resistor

Is there a workaround to this? We need the pin to stay high while our code is not controlling it.

Our setup: Colibri iMX8X - Viola Carrier Board - TorizonCore

The most straightforward solution is to power off the rail where your pull up is connected to.

Hi @morlandi ,

Did this work for you?

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