Gpio_Init() failing on stream driver loading at boot

Hello, I’m moving from T20 to iMX6 on Windows EC 7, I managed to be able to load my stream driver at boot, but now my driver fails during execution of Gpio_Init() with a “Data-Abort” exception, hereafter the boot log on serial port:

Exception ‘Data Abort’ (0x4): Thread-Id=01af02da(pth=af82d7b4), Proc-Id=014e00d6(pprc=af825be4) ‘udevice.exe’, VM-active=014e00d6(pprc=af825be4) ‘udevice.exe’
PC=427d3c94(pic2gpiokeybdriver.dll+0x00003c94) RA=002000af(???+0x002000af) SP=0016fd58, BVA=00000004

This was working fine on T20.

Are there any issues with GPIO management in the migration from T20 to iMX6?

Thank you.

As we figured out my private e-mail exchange it was probably related to a unaligned Data access that was working on T20 but failing on iMX6