GPIO configuration on Colibri iMX7 issue

When my application initializes if I configure the SODIMM_43 as a GP-Output and set its level to 1, the configuration fails and the board stops to respond.

Imx7Gpio_SetConfigString( hGpio, simulateXdpi_pin, NULL, L"AltFn=0,dir=out,lvl=1", StoreVolatile );

If I set the level to 0 it works.

Imx7Gpio_SetConfigString( hGpio, simulateXdpi_pin, NULL, L"AltFn=0,dir=out,lvl=0", StoreVolatile );

I am using COLIBRI IMX7D with WINCE 7, The SoM is plugged in the Colibri Eval Board.

SODIMM_43 is connected to the Wakeup/mmc_cd pin of the mmc interface. Not sure how the windows world works, but you might have to either disable that particular interface or change GPIO numbers to something unused.

Hi @Deepak_Kukreja ,

To set a pin as a gpio , use “altfn=-1”.
Make sure there is no SD card inserted or you can remove the respective jumpers from X11 SODIMM_43 from your Colibri Evaluation Board.
Let me know if this solves your issue