GPIO config block settings


I have a quick question. I’m trying to setup my VF61 boot config gpio 194 & 196 for I2C but is not working like you can see on the picture.
I try use the set gpio command with atlfn =3 :

>set gpio.bootconf ="[colibripin_196] altfn=3"
>set gpio.bootconf ="[colibripin_194] altfn=3"

>save gpio


What am I doing wrong?

Dear @KrisSS

I was able to reproduce the issue. The important steps you need to do are:

(1) Disable the RtcSync Tool in the registry


Otherwise , Rtcsync.exe will configure pins 194/196 as i2c, in order to access the external RTC.
According to your screenshot you already did this.

(2) Put all GPIO configurations into one single string:

set gpio.bootconf ="[colibripin_196] altfn=3 [colibripin_194] altfn=3" 
save gpio

While testing I noticed that the configuration string was stored only partially. We will need some time to investigate the reason for the failure. I will get back to you as soon as I have more details.

Regards, Andy

Dear @KrisSS

This is a known issue (see roadmap, #33213).
Please update your bootloader and OS image to V1.6b2 (or newer), there the issue is fixed.

Also note that the i2c functionality is on alternate function 2. For example on pin 196 in your screenshot above,

  • altfn 0 = GPIO
  • altfn 1 = CAN0_RX
  • altfn 2 = I2C0_SCL

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy,

I was trying to upgrade my VF61 to 1.6 bootloader : WinCE 1.6b but your nk6.bin image is faulty don’t display windows explorer then I was trying nk7.bin and is image error finally nk7_fastboot.bin what is it about? I don’t see any fast boot at all.

I try to run recovery mode (1.6b) on my Col. Eva 3.2A and recovery was fine then when I install new flashloader 1.6b the board just gone don’t boot anymore

Any idea?


I just use 1.5beta to recovery VF61 and then upgrade bootloader to 1.6b working fine. The image nk6.bin working fine after clean registers.

Issue only with:

  >flashimage nk7.bin
    1 partitions on SD card.
    File is an uncompressed bin file.
    Image base address 80004000 - size: 36970872 bytes.
    ...Error reading record data.


Did you try different SD card? Seems that SD card has issues