Gpio.bootconf on latest T20 CE7 2.0Beta4

I use bootloader like:

Toradex Bootloader 2.0 BETA 4 for Tegra Built Jan  4 2017
Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu
BootLoader Configuration:
C) Clear Flash Registry
X) Enter CommandPrompt Mode
D) Download image to RAM now
F) Download image to FLASH now
L) Launch existing flash resident image now

Enter your selection: x

** >set gpio **

gpio.bootconf (Boot GPIO settings. Do not remove default config. (Max 1536 chars)):
'[gpio_168] altfn=-1 [gpio_169] altfn=-1 [gpio_170] altfn=-1 [gpio_171] altfn=-1 pull=down [gpio_172] altfn=-1 [gpio_173] altfn=-1 [gpio_174] altfn=-1 [gpio_175] altfn=-1 '
  • I know I should keep existing string, but for my tests it should be irrelevent, yes? *

Next I try to change my real T20 GPIO (DIMM_97;L3;VI_D5) settings, forcing OUT-level 1:

  set gpio.bootconf="[gpio_97] altfn=-1 outmode=std dir=out lvl=1 pull=up "
  saveconfig gpio

IMPORTANT: Here I had to type the string using “double-quotes”, while report above was ‘single-quoted’!)

Now, I boot WinCE7 and use the GPIOConfig tool to check state, but nothing has changed. (also checked pin voltage, nothing)
Is the string syntax correct? any other requirements to activate gpio.bootconf?

Your setup actually works but not on the pin you expect:

If your write gpio_xyz you will modify the gpio number. In your case you modify GPIO 97 (M1, SODIMM Pin61). If you want to modify SODIMM Pin you can use either of these lines:

Using the SODIMM Pin:

 [colibripin_97] altfn=-1 outmode=std dir=out lvl=1 pull=up

Using the GPIO Pin to midfy SODIMM 97

 [colibripin_91] altfn=-1 outmode=std dir=out lvl=1 pull=up

We used the gpio_ notiation as this is more preceise if you have multiple GPIOs on one SODIMM (multiplexed pins).

In order to better understand of bootconf we will improve the documentation on this developer page. It will be online soon.

@TomSwissFluid: Updated the developer webiste documentation. Please let us know if you are missing some information.

Hi samuel.tx,
Thanks, I can confirm the different numbering was the issue. I found your mapping table on
GPIO Alphanumeric to GPIO Numeric Assignment | Toradex Developer Center
was very useful,
maybe you could also refer it on
GPIO config block settings | Toradex Developer Center
Thanks for your support!

@TomSwissFluid: Thanks for the hint, I will add the link.