GPIO access iMX7D


is it possible to access GPIOs (C programming) on iMX7 without libraries?
In the following article, it is assumed that the programmer uses the libsoc:

In the toradex-linux gpio documentation, It can be understood that the programmer has only to include linux/gpio.h and use the gpio functions:

A simple code accessing the GPIO1_IO1 pin would look like this:

#include <linux/gpio.h>

int main (void)
	if (gpio_request(1, NULL)){
	   gpio_direction_output(1,  1);

When I cross-compile the program (using the arm toolchain) to run it on iMX7, I get the undefined reference errors for these functions.
I just want to access few output pins simply by assigning a value.
Is there any simple way to access the gpio (e.g. memory like access) that would work for Cortex A7 (would be nice if it can be ported for Cortex M4).

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If you want to use functions like gpio_request() end do in you have to use libsoc because that function defined and implemented there.
For simple GPIO access you can use a sysfs as described here - High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center

This way you just need to access files from your program.

does the GPIO access work also as memory access like:
(volatile UINT32)(GPIO_adress) |= 0x00000001; ?
or is it not possible?

No, this is definitely not recommended.