Gigabit ethernet regression apalis-imx6 - not working with u-boot b66337d

Gigabit ethernet is not working correctly in apalis imx6 with evaluation board with latest toradex u-boot b66337d. It is working correctly in fast ethernet or with u-boot 06ee8db.

error log:

Loading: error frame: 0x8e08c800 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e08ce40 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e08dac0 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e08e740 0x00000806
T error frame: 0x8e0925c0 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e092c00 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e093880 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e094500 0x00000806
T error frame: 0x8e099c80 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e09a2c0 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e09a900 0x00000806
error frame: 0x8e09b580 0x00000806

The regression was introduced with commit 8b03bc9. Tftp server currently used is atftpd on debian/stable without any special command line option (default install).

Any idea?

Hi Francesco

Yes, we noticed the behaviour also but only on HW with good Ethernet performance but do not have a solution fixing it’s root cause.
I believe that commit 8b03bc9 is not really the culprit but that with this commit we trigger the error in U-Boot’s Ethernet stack.

error frame: 0x8e09a2c0 0x00000806 is logged by the fec driver with 0x00000806 meaning receiver overrun.

As a workaround you could reduce CONFIG_TFTP_BLOCKSIZE in include/configs/apalis_imx6.h to something working in your configuration, probably 2048 or 4096.