Getting "weston-touch-calibrator error: ":0" was not found" when I try to calibrate LCD resistive touch in weston container?

Hello world,
I’m working on calibrating LCD screen, using this link Touch Screen Calibration (Torizon) | Toradex Developer Center

when I try to run this

docker run -ti --rm --privileged -v /dev:/dev -v /run/udev/:/run/udev/ -v /etc/udev/rules.d:/etc/udev/rules.d torizon/weston-touch-calibrator:$CT_TAG_WESTON_TOUCH_CALIBRATOR

I get this error

weston-touch-calibrator error: ":0" was not found

Hey @Nolan_Maverick,

Can you tell us more about your setup?
What module do you have?
What OS/version?

Are you using one of our touch screens? If so which one.