Getting started with WinCE development

Hello to everybody,
I’ve been evaluating if Toradex modules can be a solution for a new project.
I’ve had a look at Colibri VF50/VF61 modules and I completed the setup of the development environment as described here and here (VS2008 do develop for WinCE 6).
The problem is that when I try to follow this tutorial I see some differences:

  • In Platforms window, under “Installed SDKs” I don’t see “Colibri” item, but only “Toradex_CE600”, and the only SDK available is “Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK”
    Is this an expected behavior? Does the documentation on Toradex website require an update?

Thanks in advance

Yes, we changed the SDK names to make them more coherent between the different Windows CE releases and “Toradex_CE600” replaced “Colibri” as the Windows CE 6 official SDK name.
We provide also a tool to automatically migrate projects to the new SDK names: