Getting result of RTCSync when refreshing NTP

A user wants to be able to set their own internal NTP server. After setting this into the registry, I call IOCTL_SERVICE_REFRESH to the NTP driver and it correclty updates.

Now, how do I know that they have a valid NTP server input? Is there any way to get the result of the RTCSync event? If they have typed in an invalid NTP server for whatever reason, I would like to know if it failed, so I can fall back and try before giving up.

Any advice?

Reading from here: it seems that if you list multiple entries in the ‘Server’ key, it will try them in the order that is entered. Also remember to change the key type to REG_MULTI_SZ when doing this.

Hope that helps anyone else with this question

@Cerealkiller050: Thanks for sharing that.