Generic Display Adapter V2.1 PWM Control

Dear Team,

We want to control our RGB display Backlight using PWM_A of Colibri module. We were able to use PWM_A for toradex EDT 7 " Display. But when we made use of Toradex Generic Display Adapter V2.1 , the same control for display is not happening.When we checked the schematic for the same we found that R36,T2,R37,R40,C6 are written as NA. What does it mean ? Do we need to include this if we want to make use of PWM control of backlight ?


Generic display adapter uses PAM2841 LED driver. There are multiple ways to implement dimming / brightness control using PAM2841, for more information please refer to PAM2841 datasheet, application information → dimming control.

On Toradex Generic Display Adapter, dimming / brightness control circuit is not assembled by default but dimming / brightness control circuit are available as assembly option, that the reason R36, T2, R37, R40, C6 are marked as NA.

If you want to test brightness control using PWM_A signal, please assemble the required components as mentioned in the PAM2841 datasheet, application information → dimming control.

Please note that Generic display adapter design is not an official Toradex product and made available for customer as design reference.

Let me know, if you have any further query.

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Satyan Raj