Generic display adapter connectors

My iMX.7 based project requires a 4.3" 480x272 high brightness (1000 nit) LCD panel. I have a prototype on hand. This and all the high brightness displays I have seen come with a generic 24 bit (not UDI) interface. Attached is a photo of the display and a vendor supplied driver board that I do not plan to use in my product.

  • Is there a source for previously manufactured generic display adapters per Toradex’s design?

  • The flex circuit connector on my generic display is too narrow and thick to fit into the 40-pin connector on the Iris board I have. I notice the Toradex generic display adapter specifies that same connector as well. I’m confused – are there multiple form factors for the common generic 40 pin display cables?

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Ihab Awad

Sorry for the delay in my response.
The Genric Display Adapter support this pinout, does your LCD has 40-pin, 0.5mm pitch connector?
Could you please share datasheet of the LCD you would like to interface, I will be happy to help with next steps.

And to clarify – the supplied display does indeed have a 40 pin 0.5mm pitch flex cable. However:

(a) the flex cable has a backing and is too “thick” to fit into the Iris board connector; and
(b) the flex cable is too “narrow” to fit securely into the Iris connector while indexing the connection points securely – it wobbles side to side.

So I’m thinking my display is just built for a different brand of connector? Is there an easy adapter one could obtain?

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Here are the following photos:
link text

  • display_flex_with_iris_scaled.jpg – the display’s flex cable beside the Iris board connector, for comparison.
  • connector_on_oem_driver_scaled.jpg – the connector on the OEM supplied driver board.
  • connector_and_flex_on_oem_driver_scaled.jpg – the display’s flex cable installed in the OEM supplied driver text

Please email me at if you would like the data sheet – I am not sure if the manufacturer wants me to share it publicly.

And one final comment – I compared the pinouts on my display and the Iris pinouts, and yes, the pinouts do match exactly. It’s just the physical form factor of the connectors that does not match!

I realized the problem! I was inserting the flex circuit into the WRONG side of the connector! I did some research and now I understand why the connector is called a BACKlock connector – the locking device is on the BACK, on the OPPOSITE side from where the flex cable inserts. Picture attached to help anyone who has this problem in the future! Thank you and kind regards,

Ihab Awad