Generate Update Media from VM

I’m stuck trying to generate the update media from a VM.

Having installed Ubuntu 14.04 onto a VirtualBox VM and successfully followed the instructions for the JetPack + L4T on the TK1, I’m now attempting to push the media onto a microSD card.

My host machine (Ubuntu 16.04) has a USB card reader which is what I’ve used previously for deployments compiled on the host however, I cannot for the life of me get this USB card reader to pass through to the guest VM. I’ve attempted to use a “shared folder” but the script complains and only manages to write a couple of files but thinks it completes successfully.

As you mentioned running a VM in your JetPack article, do you have any special instructions which may help?


I usually just tar bzip2 the L4T aka JetPack root file system and scp it to my Fedora host where I proceed with the regular flashing.