Generate .bin file from .elf file for M4 Freertos on i.MX7D

I am trying the helloworld program of Freertos using M4 after following the tutorial 1. Although i am geting the .elf file but .bin file is not coming up.
I also tried with “arm-linux-gnueabihf-objcopy” utility to convert .elf to .bin but this time i am geting very hugefile with some hundreds of MB. kindly help.
With this please find the .elf.


Any particular reason for requiring .bin binaries? The .elf binaries should work perfectly well and are recommended.

What’s the outout of this command:
arm-none-eabi-readelf -e elf_file.elf

Looks like the binary compile line in the CMakeLists.txt is purposely commented out with an additional comment about the linker file not supporting sparse memory area

# bin does not support sparse memory area, which our default linker file uses...

It would be nice to know why this file has deviated from the NXP demo in a few places.

The Toradex BSP uses the i.MX 7 true vector location. This worked better with debuggers and saved the storage area of an additional vector table in the internal SRAM/TCM. We debated internally whether we should move to elf or not, but ultimately decided the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

You can read the reasons in this commit:

Reverting the commit should allow to build a firmware which can be converted to bin again.