General Purpose Timer GPT interrupts


I want to use the “General Purpose Timer” GPT.

But the linker can not find “setup_irq”.
Please, where can I get the library for iMX66DL including “setup_irq” ?

Thank you for your help.

How and what exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to compile a kernel module outside of the kernel source tree?

This is not a bummer at all as it protects the overall system from potential dangerous things being done to it.


Are you trying to write a linux user-space program that is configuring and using interrupts?

If yes, that is simply not possible.

You will have to write a kernel driver that handles the low latency requirements of your application.



thank you for your response.

I need interrupts any 10 µs.

Without Interrupts I can achive cycles not less than 60 µs.

So I want to use the GPT_COMPARE2 Register, IRQ81 with GPT_IR OF2IE.

I read GPT_IR and could see that GPT_COMPARE1 seems to be used already.
I set GPT_IR OF1IE to low to stop that interrup, but could not notice any effect. So I can not say what GPT_COMPARE1 is used for.

Now I need “setup_irq” because I do not want to care about the GIC-device.

Best regards

Hallo Max,

thank you for your reply.

I noticed it already.

With “mmap” I get access to GPIO, GPT, IOMUXC and SCU.
But I can’t get Access to the GIC.
To put a Programm to annother space is a second issue.