Galcore module probing error -22

Hi all,

Currently I’m using toradex_4.9-2.3.x-imx kernel for my Buildroot system and I plan to do some testing on th Vivante GPU using the examples provided by Freescale :

But I’ve got errors for following tests :

root@imx-buildroot:~# /usr/share/examples/viv_samples/cl11/UnitTest/clinfo 

>>>>>>>> /usr/share/examples/viv_samples/cl11/UnitTest/clinfo Starting...

 !!! Error # -1001 at line 156 , in file main.cpp !!!

 !!! Exiting...

root@imx-buildroot:~# /usr/share/examples/viv_samples/cl11/fft/fft 1024
Block size: 16 
Print result: yes 
Initializing device(s)...
ERROR:: -32 clCreateContextFromType failed

Also, I noticed that the gpu-viv’s driver (i.e. galcore module was failed to load) :

root@imx-buildroot:~# dmesg | grep -i  galcore
[    2.766399] Galcore version
[    2.766630] galcore: probe of 130000.gpu failed with error -22

I’d like to know if this galcore.ko relates to the above tests and why did it fail to load, please ?

Thanks in advance,

Please note that we do not really support buildroot. In OpenEmbedded, I know that the downstream Vivante driver does get built out-of-tree and resp. recipe does therefore disable it in-kernel. How any of this is handled in buildroot I do not know, sorry.

Hi Marcel,

It’s sad to hear that Buildroot is not supported by Toradex but it is our own approach.

Thanks for your effort to support so far.


You are very welcome.