G_serial USB setup

I’m trying to use the USB serial gadget functionality. I can use
$ modprobe g_serial which returns:

[ 463.270340] udc-core: couldn't find an available UDC - added [g_serial] to list of pending drivers

When I plug the X10 USB connector into a Windows 10 machine, the host doesn’t recognize the device and configuration fails. I expected there to be a COM port or something. Do I need some sort of inf file to tell my host what driver to use?

I was able to get g_serial working by adding g_serial.conf file to etc/modules-load.d. But a problem which I think is related related, it only recognizes the device if the USB is plugged in on boot. Otherwise, windows cannot recognize it.

Hi @seudif

This is known issue. You should compile a new kernel and use this patch.

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