FTP User Specific File Permissions

I’ve been trying to set permissions for certain users for FTP. My “Admin” user, I’d like to give full access to the filesystem, but other users, I’d like to restrict them to the connected SD card.

I found an article on FTP user specific permissions, but haven’t had any luck with setting the “Home” string registry. My users were all created using the NTLM, and were added to my FTPD userlist in the registry.

Please help! Thanks!

Here’s the link to the article.
Assigning User-Specific Permissions

Ok I solved it… Apparently you create the REG_SZ value for “Home”, but you MUST also add the DWORD value for “Permissions” as well for the settings to take place.

(String) "Home" = "\SD Card\"
(DWORD) "Permissions" = "1"

1 = Read Only
3 = Read/Write
7 = Read/Write + VROOT access


Dear @mdeiss

Thank you for the feedback. I just wanted to start the tests here.

Regards, Andy