FTP server recipe for Apalis i.MX8 Yocto

Hello All,

We are using tdx-reference-multimedia-image for Apalis i.MX8. We are using Yocto Project dunfell to build this image. We are trying to add FTP server in this image. But I am not able to find any existing recipe for ftp server in the source code. I found recipes for VSFTP, SFTP, but we need to add only FTP server in the image. I tried to find the recipe for ftp server on web, but I did not get any good results there as well.
Could you please help me to confirm if this recipe is available in yocto dunfell for Apalis i.MX8? If it is not available in existing source code, where can I find it?

Prathamesh Kulkarni

Hi @prathamesh.kulkarni ,

Please check answer in below community post and let us know if this help you

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Ritesh Kumar