FTDI drivers issue


I was trying to install drivers for FTDI FT4232H. I get drivers from “D2XX Drivers - FTDI” for WinCE 7.0 and copy files to “FlashDisk\Windows” folder.
When I reboot system and plug in device, Windows ask me for drivers name → follow FTDI manual I put the name “ftdi_d2xx” then I get message “Error installing USB driver ftdi_d2xx”.

Only when I copy files to root Windows folder was works but after reboot the files are gone.

How can I install the drivers then?


There are 2 options:

  1. You can install them to \FlashDisk\System

  2. You install them to \FlashDisk and change DLL entry inside .reg file you get from FTDI to \FlashDIsk\ftdi_d2xx.dll


I did that copy files to \FlashDisk\System and when windows ask me for drivers I put the name ftdi_2dxx, was accepted but not devices detected no comport listed when I try Toradex vcsharp_uart_demo.

The second option I modified the reg file to :


and copy file to \FlashDisk location but is not working. It was freeze my screen when I try connect remotely by micro USB port.

The drivers was working fine before I upgrade to new flash WinCE 7.0
my Framework installed is NETCFV35_CE7_FlashDisk.

What did you have before updating to CE7?

My friend installed drivers long time ago he don’t remember how he did that. When we upgrade to WinCE 7.0 we can’t install again.

Do you use D2XX driver or VCP? For virtual com port you should install VCP driver. VCP Drivers - FTDI

You can always use $device\COMX. This is how Windows CE does it. You can use COM0 to COM9 and $device\COM10 or you always use $device\COMX

Thanks it is working. I copy file to \flashdisk\system then type the drivers name ftdi_ser and save registers

One more question why after COM port number 9 the name is like this "$device\COM10 "?