Ftdi d2xx - ft245

I am looking for a way to enable the D2XX driver for FT245 to get full speed. However, it always displays FT232 Serial

Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 Serial (UART) IC

Does TorizonCore support D2XX? If not, is it possible to load D2XX driver ?

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The D2XX interface is a proprietary interface specifically for FTDI devices. So please refer to related FTDI documentation/ manuals

Thanks for the reply.
I am looking for enabling D2XX from Kernel. By default, the kernel loads VCP/ ftdi_sio.
I found some tips that ‘unbinds’ the default driver then D2XX can be used but no success.
Any other suggestion ?


Hi Alex,
I am not sure if I get your answer right? Or my question was unclear ?
Yes the ftdi_sio is loaded when an FTDI device is plugged in. From the FTDI manuals, it looks like that this driver needs to be unloaded and a ftd2xx driver needs to be loaded in prior to using the D2XX interface.
Is there a way to switch from FTDI VCP to D2XX and from D2XX to FTDI VCP without restarting the system ?

Hi @ducnn,

as I understand this situation here, your device supposedly uses the D2XX drivers.

As I see in the fdti_sio sources here:

This device should use the ftdi_sio module. Do you see the module loaded when you perform lsmod?

In my case this was not automatically loaded. I had to perform an insmod command on the running module.

Out of curiosity where in the documentation did you see that you have to unload this driver when using Linux?

Maybe I am also not quite understanding the situation.

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My device reported 0403:6001 for both cases.
I changed the EEPROM of the FTDI device to use D2XX driver. It works for Windows 10 but Torizon still detects it as VCP.
Maybe I need to change the PID in order to use D2XX as your example.

From the FTDI manual: https://ftdichip.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/AN_220_FTDI_Drivers_Installation_Guide_for_Linux-1.pdf, the VCP driver must be unloaded to use D2XX.

Sorry, I wrongly assumed that you are familiar with Kernel Configuration concept.

To remove ftdi_sio driver from your system you need to remove


line from config file and recompile Kernel.
To include D2xx driver please refer to this document

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Were you able to solve your issue with the info provided by @alex.tx ? If so, could you mark his post as a solution?

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