FSAA on Colibri T30, WinCE 7


In Colibri T30 datasheet, it is stated that Col T30 support 4x FSAA.
Is there any example how to achieve this?

I tried to modify example from Open GL ES example (Simple OpenGL ES Example, https://docs.toradex.com/103158-opengldemo_r3005-zip.zip), change attrs value to this:

	EGL_RED_SIZE,      5,
	EGL_BLUE_SIZE,     5,

but when I tried to run it, the application closed with error “eglInitialize major 1 minor 4”.
Removing EGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS and EGL_SAMPLES works fine.

Thank you.

Hi @Rieaz ,

Sorry for the long delay.

I wanted to make sure why this does not work. I figured out by looking deep in to the EGL source that support for the FSAA is not compiled into the current EGL binary we ship. I could try to enable it and rebuild, but from the comment i see in the source it seems that this is just a SW hack which will render 4x higher resolution then stretch it down with filtering. So i guess the speed will also be at least 4x slower.

Let me know if you would like to give it a try.

Yeah, I would like to try the binary.
Thank you.

Hi @Rieaz,

Here is the libegl.dll with FSAA Support. I did not test it since i did not get any test SW from you.


Just copy it to \windows folder (overwrite the system version) before starting your test application
Let me know if it works.