FS85 SBC Using With Apalis IMX8 SOM

We consider to used Aplis IMX8 Board in our project. Our product must be ASIL B level. For this reason, we will connect to battery via SBC FS85/FS84. In the Apalis Module, two PMIC PF8100 are used. If I use this SBC with external PMIC, SBC’s datasheet says that for PMIC and SBC to work synchronously, I need to connect SBC’s PSYNC pin to PMIC’s PGOOD pin.But I can’t see the PGOOD pin in the module connector pinout. Can I use this SBC with Aplalis module and If I can use, how can I use Apalis module with SBC.


Hello as far as I now the PMICs PGOOD pin is not routed out on the Edge connector.
The PGOOD signal of the PMIC goes the the IMX8 PIN SCU_GPIO_04.

But I will check back with R&D if there is any option to that.

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Hi. Is there any update from your side ? Thanks

Unfortunately the PMICs’ PGOOD signals are not routed out on the Edge connector. As Matthias noted both PMICs’ PGOOD signals connected internally to the IMX8 ball SCU_GPIO_04.



Ok Thank you Alex for the Diagramm