FreeRTOS Version


The FreeRTOS-Source-Code provided from Toradex has Version 8.3.2.
We would like to use the newest Version (v10.2).

Do you plan to update the source code for the Colibri-Board for FreeRTOS v10.2 in the near future?
Which part of the source code has to be adapt, if I would update the FreeRTOS kernel by myself?

Thank you!

Dear @SimonNu

We don’t plan to update the FreeRTOS version for the Colibri iMX7, as testing the dozens of examples would be quite some effort.
However, I don’t expect major issues if you want to include the latest FreeRTOS source code into your project. It should be sufficient to replace all files in the folder * \rtos\FreeRTOS\ * with the updated versions.

It would be great if you could post here whether this simple approach was successful.

Regards, Andy

Dear @andy.tx

Thank you for your answer. I will try it and give you a feedback.