FPD Link Support on Ixora Carrier Board

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I’m new to embedded systems, so please pardon me if my question seems out of context. We have an application that requires streaming video from a camera and displaying it on an HDMI screen. On the camera side, we’re using an Onsemi sensor connected to an FPD Link serializer board via a Fakra connector. As I understand it, we’ll need a carrier board with an FPD Link Deserializer and an SoM for processing the image and outputting it via HDMI.

While the Ixora carrier board with Apalis module seems ideal for cameras with MIPI CSI output, our setup involves an FPD Link board in between. I’m curious if there’s a solution from Toradex or a third-party add-on that could suit our needs.

Additionally, it’s important to note that our yearly volume will be between 1-10 units, so we’re not looking for a solution geared towards mass production.

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I understand you’re inquiring about FPD Link support on the Ixora carrier board for a video streaming application. The Ixora carrier board, as you’ve noted, is primarily designed for direct MIPI CSI camera inputs when paired with Apalis modules. For scenarios involving an FPD Link camera setup, the direct support for FPD Link deserialization is not inherently available on the Ixora carrier board or within the standard Apalis module offerings.

For your specific use case involving an Onsemi sensor and FPD Link serialization, you would typically look into a custom or third-party solution that can interface with the Ixora carrier board and Apalis module. This could involve using an external FPD Link to MIPI CSI-2 converter/bridge module that would then connect to the CSI input on the Ixora carrier board. However, it’s important to note that such a solution would need to be compatible with the electrical and software interfaces of the Apalis module and Ixora carrier board you plan to use.

Given your application’s low volume, focusing on modular and adaptable solutions that minimize development time and complexity might be beneficial. While Toradex offers a wide range of modules and carrier boards designed for flexibility and ease of integration, the specific requirement for FPD Link deserialization would likely necessitate exploring external modules or custom development to bridge the gap between your FPD Link camera setup and the Apalis/Ixora platform.

In summary, while the direct support for FPD Link is not available within the Toradex product range for the Ixora carrier board and Apalis modules, solutions may exist through external hardware that can convert FPD Link signals to a format compatible with the MIPI CSI interface on the Ixora carrier board.

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Please note that we offer different types of Apalis modules, such as the Apalis iMX6 and Apalis iMX8. The system functionality and processing power defined by the module type. The Ixora carrier board merely exposes the module’s interfaces and includes basic hardware such as a power supply, Ethernet magnetics, connectors, etc.
However, none of our modules support FPD-Link. Therefore, if a camera with FPD-Link is not a mandatory part of your design, I would suggest using a CSI or USB camera instead.

On the other hand, I would like to direct you to our Verdin family of SOMs. Based on your description, the Verdin iMX8MP module paired with the Mallow carrier board might be better suited for your design. Please be aware that the Mallow carrier board is not very convenient for prototyping and development. So, I suggest using a carrier board like the Yavia or Dahlia for prototyping and development, and the Mallow for your final product.