Fluentd on VF61

I am using OE Core 2.6.1 version for my VF61 , is there any way to add fluentd logging application in target and sdk ?


This site is the place to start searching for available OE recipes.


Thanks, I Understand I can add fluentbit recipe from mate-oe layer by this method,

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " fluentbit"

if I am correct, how can i list the already added recipes in my image ,

how about

bitbake -e | grep ^IMAGE_INSTALL

Note that that shows what packages got added to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable, not what gets pulled in through dependencies these packages have.

After you built the image have a look at files in


then I got this error

> Nothing RPROVIDES 'fluentbit' (but
> /home/naveen/oe-core/build/../layers/meta-toradex-demos/recipes-images/images/console-trdx-image.bb
> RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)

Did you check that the fluentbit recipe is available in your installed layers? Maybe you need to update your layers to a newer version (e.g. to V2.7 which uses morty) or you need to backport the recipe to your setup.