Flickering screen

I’m having some troubles connecting a touch screen to my Apalis imx8 eval board. When I have it connected to my computer screen it works fine, but when i connect it to my touch screen the image is flickering and jumping. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
Do I need to change resolution or timing settings or something? And how do i do that?
Thanks for any help!

Yes you need to set display timings and resolution to match your display spec. Please check this articles for details - https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/display-output-resolution-and-timings-linux

Thanks for the answer!
So I’m guessing I need to create a device tree overlay? Or can you change those parameters some other way? Are there any examples on overlays where you change the screen parameteres for a screen not supported by default? I find the hdmi overlays for the imx8 board but those only say “okay” to enable and im guessing i need to do more than that.

I’ve been looking at the EDID the toradex is receiving from the screen I’m using, and its receiving exactly the same as I’m receiving on my linux computer where the screen is wokring.
Shouldn’t the toradex understand what settings to use when its receiving the EDID?

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Did following the article help you with the issue?

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Hi! Not really. I need to write my own device tree overlay but I don’t understad the structure of them. Is there any document or example that explains the syntax and how they are build up? We are also having some EMC problems with the screen we are using so we need to change speed, slew rate and drive strength. Best regards, Pontus

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Here are two articles that take you through device tree modification and overlays in general:



Have you already referred these articles?

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