Flashing WinCE 6 to Colibri iMX6S

I try to install WinCE 6 at the Colibri iMX6S as recommended from the support.
Can you please tell where to find correct image of WinCE 6? The web-page contains only v7 and 8.

Dear @Victor

I’m afraid we don’t support WinCE6 on the Colibri iMX6S.

WinCE6 is available on Colibri T20 and Colibri VFxx modules. The first one with a higher, the second with a lower price and performance tag, compared to the iMX6.
If I remember correctly, you plan to replace a PXA310. The VF61 could well be sufficient in this case, but it requires verification for your particular application.

If you want to use the Colibri iMX6S, you need to update to WEC7, and this implies to change the development environment to Visual Studio 2008.


Thanks for the answer.
Yes, the original idea was to replace the PXA310.
As I understand neither other IMX6-series modules nor iMX7-series support WinCE6 anymore.
Is it correct?
VF61 looks to be slower that PXA310, but we have some speed issues even in the existing system,
so I think we will install a new development environment for iMX-series.
Thank you for information.

Hi @Victor

I’m afraid you are correct, we don’t support CE6 neither on iMX6 nor on iMX7.
I agree if you already faced performance limits with the PXA310, it is safer to put some more effort into porting to a new development environment.

Best Regards