Flashing Linux Console image on VF-50

I have got a VF-50 SoC placed on the Viola Plus V1.2B carrier board.
I am trying to flash embedded Linux on the same. But I am having difficulty following the instructions given on (Flashing Embedded Linux to Vybrid Modules) this page.

I downloaded the Linux console image for V50 from toradex website and as per the instructions, ran the “update.sh” command with sd card address. When I insert the SD card on carrier board and boot up the board (While uart_a connected with serial to USB), I can t see anything appearing on the serial port, except “client” word again and again.

Could you please help me out on how to flash the OS to this module.

Could you please specify which scenario you trying “flashing from eboot” or “flashing from scratch”?

Hi Alex,
I am trying the procedure “flashing from eboot”. I couldn’t find flashing from the scratch procedure.
Once I extract the tarball files in SD card, and boot the toradex board with uart connected, I don’t see anything on serial port.

Hi imtanmayp,

The information is there in the article but there seems to be formatting issue. I will get that fixed.

What you need to do here is go to

*Enter into recovery mode

*Transfer uboot to the module by running given commands according to your host.
eg if you use linux host (./update.sh -d /dev/ttyS0 or ./update.sh -n -d /dev/ttyUSB0 )

*After sending uBoot , come back to this artice Flashing Embedded Linux to Vybrid Modules

*Prepare SD card and follow the update procedure mentioned

Let me know if you are still stuck

Dear Sahil, I am trying to enter the recovery mode by shorting the 2-pins on the processor and executing “./update.sh -n -d /dev/ttyUSB0” but, I think there is some problem while entering the recovery mode.

Set-Up UART_A (pin 35, 33 on viola board) is connected to USB to Serial converter and connected to the host PC.

Problem The following error is shown when the update.sh script is run.

Colibri VF rootfs detected Put the module in recovery mode and press [ENTER]…

config file parse vf_flash//vybrid_usb_work.conf starting associating phase…

magic missmatch, response was 0x00000000

Ether something wrong with serial cable/adapter or module still is not in recovery mode.

Please check your USB to serial adapter connection. Colibri module’s pins 33/35 are routed to Viola X9 connector’s pins 27/26. And signals has a TTL level. Many of USB to serial adapters works with RS232 signals levels and they are not compatible with Viols board.

To enter recovery mode you need to power module off, short recovery pins, then power it on and un-short pins after a second.