Flashing iMX6ULL Linux Image from SD Card

After installing a Linux iMX6LL Image with the Toradex Easy Installer i want flashing again the image:
Colibri iMX6ULL (2.8b4 | 2018-10-05 | 69.87 MB) (only for devices with 512MB NAND flash)

In Flashing Documentations for Colibri and Apalis boards there is describted that the update.sh Script is needed for flashing . Within the tar file for the Colibri iMX6ULL Image there is no update.sh Script file .

How to flashing the Image for the iMX6ULL ?

Hi @StefanR

For flashing Linux Image to the iMX6ULL from SD Card, you can extract the Toradex Easy Installer Image for iMX6ULL to the SD Card and flash it using Toradex Easy Installer.

The legacy update procedure using update.sh is not supported for imx6ULL.

Best regards, Jaski

Hello Jaski

after extracting the Installer on SD card , the installer does not boot . I am new in Linux.
Can you describe in detail the steps ?

Actually usually Toradex Modules boot always from internal Flash if not defined/set differently. So if you extracted the image to SD card, then you need to boot to uboot and then type the command run sdboot. Further Information, you can find here.

Once again, there is no update.sh script for iMX6ULL since Bsp 2.8, so you need to go to recovery mode and flash the image using Toradex Easy Installer.