Flashing Colibri VF50

Hi, (sorry for my very bad english)

I have problem with flashing:

  1. I build Angstrom-qt5-x11-image (High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center) which create 4 folders - images, ipk, licenses, sdk.
  2. In folder images/colibrivf/ extract Colibri-VF_Qt5-X11-Image_2.7b4-20171015.tar.bz2
  3. In extract folder run “./update.sh -o /media/sdcard” - copy to SD card
  4. SD card put to Iris board 1.1 and start console (sudo minicom -S)
  5. Hit any key to autoboot and write “run setupdate” and than “run update”
  6. flashing alwasy stuck at “reading colibri_vf/ubifs.img” don’t know why?

thanks for help.

Did you try to do “#nand erase.part ubi” as described here - Flashing Embedded Linux to Vybrid Modules ?

Check the size of the Qt5 image which you are trying to flash, Colibri VF50 only have 128MB of flash memory available.

yes, I tried “nand erase.part ubi”. Didn’t help.
The size of image Qt5 (“Angstrom-qt5-x11-image”) is 119MB.

Which image I must using with Qt5, because Angstrom-lxde-imge with adding Qt layers have 240MB? I need system without graphics interface, only for running Qt program.

Note due to Bootloader, kernel and device tree, potential bad blocks and UBI overhead (the raw NAND filesystem) only about 110MB are usable.

Furthermore, by default our scripts use fdt_addr_r which is at 0x82000000, so 32MB are actually lost due to that offset. Also the last 9MB are used by U-Boot. So the default scripts allow to load a maximum UBI image size of about 87MB.

We currently do not have a Qt5 image which is optimized for VF50. You would have to adjust the image manually e.g. by removing packages/features…