Flashing Android (AOSP) images inside IMX8QM

We have purchased imx8qm soms. Here after building AOSP source code now we required to flash it in the som board, So How can we do that?
Please provide solution, quick response will be appreciated.

Hi @vedantsuthar,
Please refer to this link for installation instructions

@ sahil.tx

I have checked you link, but i am not sure that this is work for me. Let me give you overvier view again.

We have build and flashed android 10 (kernel version 5.4) in imx8qm som. We are performing following flow to flash the new fresh purchased som boards.

connect som to ixora - sort the required pads and run the toradex easy installer script - run the vncviewer get the screen - download the android 11 kynatics image from there - reboot the device - take the adb shell - flash the android 10 image that we have build (from the PC) via the microUSB.

It is working fine and we have performed it to flash the 15 soms. Now we have purchased the soms in bulk as we are at the time of production. The above flashing method is not feasible for us to perform this method. we are looinfg for the method that flash the our (built) android 10 image directly in the newly purchased fresh som.

Please provide the detailed link and method to perform this.

Hi @vedantsuthar,

You do not have to perform the steps of loading Toradex Easy Installer on new Apalis iMX8 because new modules comes with Toradex Easy Installer pre-installed, You just need to installed your custom android image.
You can also automate the process of installing your custom android image by editing image.json file
"autoinstall": true,
Just copy you image on external storage (SD card/USB drive) with autoinstall enabled, run the module having Toradex Easy Installer installed, attach your external storage and it should flash your image

Hi @sahil.tx ,
Thank you for your answer.

I have tried to “autoinstall”: true in my linux pc’s toradex easy installler, but when i am connect the usb pendrive to the ixora board, i am not able to perform flashing. Could you please share more details how to do that, if you have any document to perform the flashing of android images, it would be very helpful.

Below are my question :

  1. I have androdi 10’s out folder in that there are multiple images like,
    Could you tell me, amoung these images which are the images that are need to copy to USB drive?

  2. Do I need to do copy the easy installer in the USB pendrive too? What modificaiton required to be done and in this image.json? Please share the all required changes.

  3. do i need to do changes in the linux PC’s easy installer? do i need to modify the image.json too? could you please tell me the other modificaiton is requried to be done?

  4. Could you pelase share the image.json file for androdi images,so i can copy that here in my usb and linux pc’s easy installer?

  5. if there are more changes other then this, please share the details.
    Below is my linux PC’s easy installer’s image.json

“config_format”: 1,
“autoinstall”: true,
“name”: “Toradex Easy Installer”,
“description”: “Toradex Easy Installer for apalis-imx8 machine”,
“version”: “2.0b6”,
“release_date”: “20201102”,
“wrapup_script”: “wrapup.sh”,
“icon”: “tezi.png”,
“isinstaller”: true,
“supported_product_ids”: [
“blockdevs”: [
“name”: “mmcblk0”,
“partitions”: [
“partition_size_nominal”: 128,
“want_maximised”: false,
“content”: {
“label”: “BOOT”,
“filesystem_type”: “FAT”,
“mkfs_options”: “”,
“filelist”: [
“uncompressed_size”: 35.74539566040039
“name”: “mmcblk0boot0”,
“erase”: true,
“content”: {
“filesystem_type”: “raw”,
“rawfiles”: [
“filename”: “imx-boot”,
“dd_options”: “seek=0”

Please provide your valuable inputs.

Hi @vedantsuthar ,

You need to edit “image.json” file available inside the android image (not in the Toradex Easy Installer image)
I checked with Android 10 image for Apalis iMX8 provided by Kinetics.
Please test with the default image provided by Kinetics.

Note : There is no direct support from Toradex for Android, you need to get in touch with our partner (eg Kinetics) for installation documenations and other related support