Flashing an already partitioned image with easy install

I’m going through the format for the EasyInstall image.json file.

image.json defines the partitioning layout which EasyInstall then executes.

Is it possible to have EasyInstall just flash a pre-partitioned image to the module storage without having to define any partitioning in image.json?

I’m thinking of a use case where yocto builds a full partitioned image in a single file and creates a minimal image.json. Just these two files (image.img and image.json) are then enough to flash the os with EasyInstall.

Ok it seems like this is possible by using the "filesystem_type" : "raw" and pointing directly to the storage device as detected by EasyInstall.

This use case is not covered by the current Toradex Easy Installer and likely never will be, sorry.

But isn’t that the idea behind the “raw” type?
So instead of having to specify a partition I can chose the block module directly and raw copy the data to it?

Sure, if you know exactly what you are doing go ahead.