\Flashdisk disappearing on VF50


I am having problems where the FlashDisk is disappearing in VF50 image V1.5b4. It is not available in Windows Explorer nor is it displayed in the Control Panel’s Storage Manager. The module takes 5 minutes+ to boot because it is waiting 300 seconds for the FlashDisk during the boot process. (I think this was what I was seeing before when the modules would not boot after updating via the UpdateTool’s command line interface). It has happened multiple times with multiple modules. Previously I thought it was because I updated the bootloader, OS and splash screen without rebooting first, but I changed to rebooting between the Bootloader/OS update and the splash screen update and it is still happening.

I use the UpdateTool with a mouse to update the OS and Bootloader from V1.4 to V1.5b4. Power down the device. Power back up, then use the UpdateTool to verify the versions and then update the splash screen. I then switch to the production system where a Rapi interface is used to set the HKLM\Software\Toradex\Launcher\StorageMemory registry value to 65 and then a DLL is copied to a Flashdisk sub-directory and used to check the CPU type via Rapi. The module is then rebooted via Rapi calling Update /rc. The module then does not seem to start again, but is really waiting 5 minutes for the FlashDisk that is no longer there.

I have also noticed that I have placed a file in the flashdisk, used the file and then rebooted and the file is not in the flashdisk after the reboot. I did not notice this in previous images. Has something changed in the way the flashdisk is used?

Thank you.

Another tidbit about this. After the module gets into this Flashdiskless state, using recovery mode (from V1.5b2) and then loading V1.4 bootloader and OS and doing exactly the same steps again, the Flashdisk does not go away. The above versions are just the versions I have set up for recovery mode batch file and on the SD Card for using with the flashloader in the Evaluation Board V3.2.
After I get to the bootloader command area, I execute the following to load image V1.4:
flashimage nk6.bin
eraseflash filesystem
set boot.dl 0
save boot

We have implemented new FlashDisk settings on 1.5 b2. After updating Vybrid WinCE 1.5 b2 or newer image follow these steps.

  • Reboot

  • Goto Bootloader menu

  • Input eraseflash filesystem command

  • Boot the module. Now FlashDisk will be mounted.