/flashdisk disappearing after reboot iMX7D.

A customer is reporting the flashdisk disappearing after a reboot of the module. This occurs after running our test and setup application.

The setup application amongst other things does make a change to the config block, but by calling the ConfigBlockEditor.exe application; we are only changing the rtc.useinteral and boot.delay parameters. It then copies some end application files to the flashdisk using standard WinCE calls.

The customer has restored the flashdisk with the procedure here \Flashdisk disappearing on VF50 - Technical Support - Toradex Community. Although a different module type, it apparrently works.

Are there any potential causes of this flashdisk disappearing? Is there any fault finding that can be done to help trace the issue when it occurs?

Could you please provide a BSP version of WEC2013 and exact repro steps?

The BSP is V1.2.

A setup application is on a USB stick (AutoRun folder) which automatically runs on startup. The application then runs through various tests for example reading the module serial number, testing GPIO, testing serial ports, testing a touchscreen, pinging Ethernet, modifying the config block, testing USB, setting the time and zone. There are some device reboots during the test to check things like the changes to the config block have worked and that the time has been set and retained correctly.

Assuming all of the tests have passed, then the final step is to copy the end application files from the USB to the flashdisk into an AutoRun folder. At this stage, the destination folders are also created first i.e. \FlashDisk\AutoRun

It seems that on occasion, after copying the files, the flashdisk disappears on reboot.

The problem only seems to occur if the last stage of copying the files is completed.

Can you create a minimal test app or batch file which will demonstrate an issue? So we can repro it locally?