Flash the U-boot binary for imx8x-colibri

Hi all,

How to flash u-boot.bin for the colibri-imx8xqxp board. please share me the support link or pdf related to this.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Seyed,
Since you are asking to flash only u-boot, did you customize u-boot that you want to flash?
Here is a complete guide to build u-boot. and deploy
You will be needing to build a boot container which requires SECO, SCFW and ATF to be compiled as well. Please find all the details in the link shared

Hi sahil,

No i didn’t made any changes in u-boot it’s already available in deploy/image/colibri-imx8x path.
Just i want to know the procedure of how to flash u-boot.bin for colibri-imx8x.

hi @Seyed ,

You need to build a boot container and the use Toradex Easy installer for flashing.