Flash options for production

Hi Toradex,

We are moving towards production with a Toradex Verdin SOM, imx8x-mini. When looking at ways of flashing, we have discovered that:

  • Flashing with TEZI is not feasible for us.

  • Burning u-boot with uuu is not desirable.

The preferred way for us is to burn the bootloader via JTAG. Unfortunately, we can’t find any documentation to support the operation and are kindly requesting that you either point us in the direction of existing docs or help us get the environment up and running.

Linked below is the JTAG debugger from segger that we have bought:




We have no such documentation since we are not using JTAG to flash a boot loader. We are using UUU for that purpose. Could you please explain why “Flashing with TEZI is not feasible” for you?