Flash layout of Apalis Image for TK1

I was not able to find a flash layout which addresses the TK1 Image specifically on the website like this flash layout for apalis t30 | colibri t20 | colibri t30
and this detailed flash layout for colibri pxa270 | colibri pxa300 | colibri pxa310 | colibri pxa320. Is there some information on the website?

The flash layout of the Apalis TK1 is absolutely 100% identical to the one of the Apalis/Colibri T30.
Please note that the article you referred to is no longer applicable for Linux since quite a while now as we long since stopped using any of NVIDIA proprietary partitioning altogether.

You mean that for the TK1 the only applicable flash layout reference is the Apalis/ColibriT30 section here then?

No, that as well is obsolete and our update script is the best reference really.