Flash Layout iMX6


the Page Flash Layout PXA | Toradex Developer Center shows only the layout of the “colibri pxa270 | colibri pxa300 | colibri pxa310 | colibri pxa320”.

I missing the iMX6 Layout informations.

I have only the follow information from the image.json file (source imx6_wince8image-tezi_1.2b6-20170606.zip):

  • Unknow is 1 kB start at Secor 0
  • Registry one is 8 MB start at Sector 2
  • Registry two is 8 MB start at Sector 16386
  • splash screen 4 MB start at Sector 32770
  • WinCE Image start at Sector 40962
  • the rest us used for FlashDisk start at Sector 196608

Please update the webpage.

@Angelo: Thanks for the hint. We will create a dedicated page for the IMX as well like we have it for the PXA and Tegra Family.

Here’s the description for the iMX6: