Flash Layout for iMX7

I want to use u-boot and linux on my system. I need iMx7 flash layout, i found this link Flash Layout for Colibri VF50 and Colibri VF61 Modules but in this link, it says this layout is for WindowsCE. I need to organize my flash to linux one. Can I use iMX7 flash layout for that? Flash Layout i.MX6

The flash layout depicted at image.json file of corresponded OS image. Please check details here.

alt text

Yes I also created an image.json file. My question is related with the sector index of the raw formatted device. I found only imx6 details in the link which i shared previously. iMX7 link says it is for WindowsCE, I need to use iMX7 layout for linux. Can i use https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/flash-layout-i-mx6 this link.

I could not find any clear information on that.

No, you can’t use iMX6/WinCE flash layout for iMX7/Linux. Pleas take a look to an image.json file from Colibri iMX7 OS image, For example this one.

alt text

For a concrete example, I see u-boot.imx index as 2 in the file which you shared. (It is 138 in iMX6 json file.)
I want to locate SPL, what will I write for SPL? What is the index value of SPL for iMX7 json file.

I think, Flash memory layout is missing in Toradex webside.

The Colibri iMX7 is not using any SPL so what you are trying to achieve is likely not gonna work, sorry. BTW: What exactly is it actually that you are trying to achieve?

Is there any answer with that?

Thank you, this information is enough. I asked for my solution that we used in imx6 to use in imx7. However, I could not find these indexes of imx7 on the site.

You are very welcome.