Flash custom boot2qt image to Apalis iMX8, NO "Easy" Installer

I’ve built a custom boot2qt image and used the Qt flashing wizard to make a USB drive with the result. Now I need to deploy the image to (a large amount of) Apalis iMX8 modules on Ixora boards. I can not put the boards in recovery mode. I have access to the USB ports and the Ethernet port of the Ixora only.

I forgot how, but years ago I used to do this all the time with Apalis iMX6 modules. I need to do it like I did then, but I can’t seem to find any information on your site that mentions how? All I see is a lot of “use Easy Installer”, but when that’s not an option you only mention some “legacy method” that supposedly exists but you don’t actually link to it and however hard I try I can’t find it when I search.

How do I do this?

Hi @emilfors !

I have no experience with Qt flashing wizard, so I don’t know how this USB stick is prepared…

This is exactly one of the use cases for Toradex Easy Installer: Production Programming for Linux | Toradex Developer Center

Could you please elaborate on this? Ixora does support Recovery Mode.

Are you referring to the legacy method (from Developer Archives) explained in the article below?

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Hi Henrique! Thanks for replying.

I can’t use the Easy Installer because the modules have already been flashed once and now boot directly into the Boot2Qt reference build for Apalis iMX8. I also can’t put them in recovery mode (unless there’s a way to do it purely through software) because they are mounted in such a way that the hardware itself cannot be reached. Only the ports.

Yes, I believe I am referring to the method you linked. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to find it myself… thanks! I’ll give it a shot, hoping it’ll work despite mentioning iMX6 only.

I’ve tried and tried again, but can’t seem to get a working terminal that survives rebooting the board. And obviously I need that in order to stop U-boot. Do you have any pointers?

Hi @emilfors !

Please share detailed information on how you are trying to get a serial debug console from the module.

Ixora is able to give access to the serial debug console through header X22 via RS232 protocol, so to connect to your computer, you will need a USB-RS232 converter.

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Ah alright. So it can’t be done through the USB ports at all? That’s a problem then, as those and the Ethernet are all I can access. I mean I’ll try on my desk with a USB-RS 232 converter, but even if that works it’s a no-go for anything other than my development environment.
Is there no way to do this in software? Like reboot the iMX8 and have it stop the U-boot automatically? It doesn’t seem like I can stop it manually using a keyboard connected directly to one of the Ixora USB ports.

Hi @emilfors !

We also have the Load Easy Installer From External Media (SD Card/USB Stick) | Toradex Developer Center article, but be aware that, as explained in the article itself, this is an alternative method, not supported by Toradex officially.

Also, maybe it won’t work for you, as you are not using an Image or a U-boot from Toradex.

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Sweet, I will have a look at that one as well. Might be the way forward actually.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @emilfors !


Let us know the outcome :slight_smile:

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