Flash Colibri VF61 over Ethernet


at the moment i have to connect via UART terminal to uboot an run setup/setupdate.

Is there a way to flash the module over ethernet without touch the uboot first?

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Welcome @senge

If the only question is how to trigger setup/setupdate without UART, what about ssh login to your target and

  • using fw_setenv modify U-Boot’s bootcmd to setup+setupdate instead of ubiboot
  • reboot

update seems clearing U-Boot environment, so fw_setenv could be as simple as this

fw_setenv bootcmd "run setupdate && run update"

Updating just kernel / DT you need to first restore bootcmd to regular one, then issue your update commands, and then reset or run ubiboot, because something like run update_kernel won’t reset

fw_setenv bootcmd "setenv bootcmd 'run ubiboot' && run setupdate && run update && reset"

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Hi Edward

Thank you for your prompt feedback. I will give it a try.

Can I find an stock image/uboot as the module is delivered by Toradex. I work for a client and they have already programmed the modules. Are the modules already delivered with an OS or only with uboot.

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See at bottom in Legacy Images.

Toradex Download Links (Torizon, Yocto Project Reference Images, WinCE and Partner Demos) | Toradex Developer Center

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Hi @senge !

Did you have time to proceed with @Edward’s advice?

Let us know how it is going :slight_smile:

And @Edward, thanks for keeping helping the Community :smile:

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